Seasonal Cooking - Spring

I always find that spring is such a welcomed season - after a long hard winter seeing the bulbs starting to grow always puts a skip in my step. Spring of course also means fresh produce that has been homegrown or easily found in your local farm shop.

This last month I have been using lots of fresh asparagus. For those of you that see our Instagram stories, you will see I have been pairing it with salmon or chunky cod fillets for dinner and love to put it in a quiche with some fresh peas and feta.

Rhubarb is also another fantastic produce available this time of year, we have made some delicious rhubarb and custard blondies for The Shed before and they were a big hit.

One of our favourite delights in the spring is the abundance of wild garlic. It seems to pop up everywhere and often you can smell it before you see it. We made some pots of fresh wild garlic pesto and they all sold within a few hours so I thought id share the recipe with you so that if you came across some you could make some yourself!

When you pick the garlic try and get the new small leaves, they have the best flavour. If you find the flavour too strong do not worry, once cooked it will become more subtle.

Wild garlic pesto 

60g wild garlic

60g olive oil

22g parmesan cheese


35g pine nuts

15ml lemon juice


1. Thoroughly wash the wild garlic, ensuring there are no other leaves in the mix. 

2. Finely chop and add to a blender with half the pine nuts. Blend to a smooth-ish consistency.

3. Add the parmesan cheese, salt, vinegar, oil and remaining pine nuts. 

4. Stir with knife or spatula. Put in small jars until ready to use. Use within two weeks. Once open keep refrigerated.

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